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Water Cooler Guide

How Water Coolers and Boilers Improve the Working Condition of an Office


Job demands are always on the increase, hence causing burnouts and physical breakdowns to employees. Businesses have therefore gained the understanding, that they have an obligation to their employees. That is why they motivate them by the use of benefits and financial compensation. A cozy working environment is always of great help to your office staff. A coffee break a day will not hinder the company's productivity it is rather beneficial. As the team gets an opportunity to relax temporarily from the work pressure and also ease their mind from the day's difficulties.


It was customary to boil water in pots and kettle which was time-consuming. The invention of modernized water coolers and boilers has been a significant contribution in offering benefits to office staff. By the use of a water boiler, employees can quickly prepare coffee, tea, hot chocolate, nodules or oats.


Water boilers


An instant water boiler is available in wall mounted, under sink and countertop was customary to boil water by the use of pots and kettle. The use of such items led to time consumption as water was not enough for all, so they had to keep on boiling water until it is sufficient. Kettles are also not safe for use; especially when they have hot water. They can burn people and cause destruction to surfaces.

There are different types of water boilers in the market. They include


o The storage hot water boiler -it is commonly known as tank type water boiler. It is plumbed directly to the main water supply. It has essential built features like a water filter and adjustable thermostat. These features make it attractive for use, as it does not need to refilling and it also keeps water hot at all the time.


o Tankless hot water boilers/boil on demand -due to the lack of a tank, it is moderately light and transportable. A boilers small feature saves on space. It is also cheap as it does not require installation or plumbing services. It saves on electricity, as it heats water only when one is in need. It is advantageous as it can last longer than its counterparts.


o Electric heat pump -it does not contain a tank thus making it portable. It does not require installation services either. It functions by heating water in the pot and readily pumps it out by an electric or manual pump.


Water cooler


A water cooler is also one of the benefits in an office, as it cools and dispenses water whenever you need it. The office staff can then enjoy the pure water when working. Below are different types of a water boiler


o Wall mounted water cooler -it is directly connected to the primary source of water supply and run by electricity. It contains a container in the machine that holds the chilled water. To extract the water, you just have to press a button on a spring loaded valve. Note, it is convenient for a large group of people


o Bottled water cooler -a bottle is placed spout down into a dispensing machine which automatically cools the water in extraction. This cooler is convenient for use in an office with few staff members only.


In summary, office refreshment relieves employees from anxiety associated with office work. By having drinks together, they bond hence working efficiently. It is such a great contribution to your company's development. Buy water coolers at this website now! Go check it out!