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Water Cooler Guide

Countertop Water Coolers - How To Choose One?


We must be hydrated properly in order to keep our bodies in healthy state. Among the best and most effective ways of ensuring that we have sufficient amount of water to drink is by having a countertop water cooler. These compact and handy appliances are made to provide us refreshing drink even when there's limited space.


Here are a few things that you have to remember when buying one.


Budget - if you're only looking for something that' simple with no frills, then a countertop water cooler dispenser is just it. They are using no electricity and budget friendly. On the other hand, the downside of buying such type of cooler is that they just serve water with room temperature since they don't have any cooling capacity. Some people however prefer to drink this water anyway even on hot day.


Bottles - most of the units are using Mains Fed water cooler bottles as the main water source. Usually, they can hold 2, 3 or even 5 gallons of water each, which are the ideal size for small offices and families. Bottles are pretty easy to find and sold at about most home stores and supermarkets. As a matter of fact, there are many companies that even deliver bottles right to your doorsteps so you do not need to go anywhere just to buy them. Another known option is by using tap water in order to refill your bottles rather than buying new ones. Of course, be sure that the water taste good and safe to drink.


Bottleless - while purchasing bottles can be convenient most of the time, it can add up especially if you are drinking lots of water. Another possible option is countertop bottleless water coolers. In fact, these are more compact and small compared to any other variants as there's no bottle that protrudes from the top. Their size is also an ideal choice for kitchens, offices and homes that do not have much space.


The bottles options are also hooked up to water line and have a built-in filtration system that is cleaning the water before drinking it. Majority of the filter brands are capable of cleaning up to thousands of gallons before they have to be changed, which is a big advantage. The truth is, with a water cooler of this type, you don't have to buy water again as you can make safe and healthy drinking water right at your home.